Ashley Vazquez

Isabela,Puerto Rico

Hello! So youve found my profile, congratulations! My name is Ashley Vazquez. I'm from Isabela,Puerto Rico and I am currently studying to become a Registered Nurse and later progress to become an M.D. Currently I'm in the progress of moving to Tampa, FL this summer. I study in "La Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico,Recinto de Aguadilla" and will be switching schools soon.

I love so many things in life! I love animals, learning languages (as you could tell above), Reading, Martiall Arts,Swimming,Traveling,Art,Photography and The Color Purple along with many other things.

If you truly desire something, fight for it. Never give up despite what anyone tells you. Life is about the colorful ups and downs we endure. I believe in a world with more compassion and love,more people passionate about what they do and where they want to be. Things are not given to you just by wanting or asking, they are earned by working for them.

Life is about being your very best and giving all of your effort into what makes you happy. I consider myself a quiet, creative, and optimistic adventurer.

My professional dream is to become a Nurse or a Doctor. To do my best at helping people during their worst. I cherish every opportunity to learn something new.

My dream to travel surpases so many things but is in perfect harmony with my professional dream. Why? The answer is quite simple; As I travel I plan to help others along the way. My ultimate wish is to learn as much about the language and cultures of where I go and give back as much as I can to them by helping and volunteering in Hospitals.

I plan on doing many of these projects as life gives me the opportunity.

  • Education
    • Universidad Interamericana De Puerto Rico Aguadilla