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Ashley Alinia


first started Right Track Group in 2011 following Right Track Recruitment's success in 2010.

My passion has always been business, and I have always had a panache for managing multitudes of tasks and being assertive adopting forward thinking logic to problem solve quickly and efficiently.

I pride myself on finding like minded people who have the “Right Trackness “about them.

To explain the phrase, that is having qualities such as tenacity, drive, intelligence, passion and unrivaled enthusiasm for what they do.

I fully understand that the secret to all of the businesses success are the people that are recruited, and we only look for the best.

I truly believe that I don't offer jobs, I offer careers where people are recognised and treated as an individual whose opinions are always valued.

Everyone that comes on board is always trained in an entrepreneurial manner as if they are the owners of the business and with our newly formed training academy we are training people in the way we want them to work and what values we believe to the be the best and not just as a generic program, which give individuals the highest chance of career progression throughout the businesses.

I specialise in start-ups and getting businesses to a self-sustainable level very quickly.

Now as the businesses are growing within Right Track Group bringing new revolutionary technology to the world, we will see all businesses be more successful and I will be looking to take on other investment opportunities.

I am very proud to have been chosen among many seriouslygood contenders and shortlisted for Recruitment Entrepreneur of the year at theRecruiter Awards this year. It’s great to be recognised by the industry, fingers crossed and hopefully all the late nights and stressor running multiple businesses will pay off as I would love to have thisaccolade!

So if you have something you would like to talk to me about then please get in touch.

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