Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley

Amanda's love for fashion and beauty has been a part of her life since she was a little girl. Watching her mom doing her makeup something sparked inside and always wanted to test the fashion limits by creating her own trends. At the ripe age of 12 she saw a pair of sequencesed denim jeans and rocked them knowing she had an eye far beyond her peers.

Always creative she fell in love with art and importantly photography when in high school, Amanda excelled and had many displays in shows including one for the whole district. Around this time is when Amanda got her first retail job in fashion. Being able to put displays and outfits together for the store was one of her favorite ways to be creative after school.

After five years in clothing Amanda got the opportunity to work in cosmetics at sephora. Here Amanda really started to learn and grow as a makeup artist and skincare expert. Going to extant trainings in Manhattan meeting some amazing owners of brands like Ole Henriksen she realized this is one of her true pasions.

In late 2014 Amanda started her beauty and lifestyle blog fragrance and fancyfree, with the main goal to let people escape their everyday life and be happy for five minutes. It's a great place for her to share her knowledge,tips,and tricks. She looks forward to all the opportunities that this site will lead to in the future.

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