Ashley Miller

Ashley Miller

Ashley has had a fascination with music at a young age, in 1994 she began to read sheet music for both band and choir. During 1998-1999 she participated in theatre where she studied stagecraft, as well as, acted in two major roles, comedy and dramatic productions.

Also in 1999, Ashley was published internationally and locally for two separate pieces of poetry.In 2000-2001 she attended Oak Ridge Military Academy focusing on academics, teamwork, and leadership skills, which in turn, provided structure, discipline, responsibility, strategy, and determination.

In 2007-2010 she worked as an oil and gas title abstractor, requiring accurate research, close attention to detail, organized timeline report, and spreadsheet. Keeping constant communication with clients, employers, attorneys, and courthouse officials via email, telephone, fax, as well as, in-person.

In 2012 Ashley enrolled at Full Sail University to pursue her passion in Music Production. Utilizing all of her previous skills, she was able to obtain permission for legal use of video content from World Audience Entertainment. During her time at Full Sail she has composed nine instrumental compositions, created the compositions for presentations using multiple modes of technology, valued collaboration techniques with peers for creative insight with continuing practice of research with APA and MLA citations.

She has had six hours volunteering for the American Cancer Society, and participated in an educational workshop, “Music Industry Roundtable.”

  • Education
    • Full Sail University