Ashley B

Event Planner, Convention Press, and Television/Movie Reviewer

Ashley leaps at any opportunity to travel the country attending conventions, a positive fan experience being a passion of hers. Boasting over nine years of event planning experience, Ashley currently serves as hospitality coordinator for a large corporate law firm in Chicago.

She annually attends events like Sundance Film Festival and San Diego Comic Con as a member of the press, excelling at one-on-one celebrity interviews, press conferences, and press line events. She's also worked in the past with companies such as The Goddess and Grocer, Spooky Empire, and Ladykiller to help promote and execute the best experience possible for their customers.

In her free time Ashley enjoys experimenting with crafts, building unique costumes for events she attends. She also trains in parkour and is an avid writer, currently reviewing television and movies for SpoilerTV.