Ashley Bettis

Somethings about myself are; i take pride in my body, its my temple, and care about others healthy habits just as much as mines and believe we should consume the best.

Ahead of me lies a long path of short term goals and long term goals leading up to what i'm passionate about most in life. In the far future i plan to attend Pharmacy school and to work in a pharmacy close to home.this will lead to a lifetime of happiness, i,m very determined to reach these goals. My short term goal while on the way to chasing my long-term is to become a pharmacy technician, there job is to assist the pharmacist in the lab. Making the decision to chase these goals has brought about a new way of thinking about life. caring for other is something i truly enjoy doing everyday i wake up hungry for the knowledge and i will until i reach my destination. digesting things that are good for your body can lead to a longer life. Everyone needs fresh air and clean water . that involves everyone doing their part. every little bit counts . do your part by not littering and recycling.