Ashley Bridger

Artist, Writer, and Editor in East Pembroke, New York

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Hello, I’m Ashley. I’m an artist living in East Pembroke, New York. I am a fan of design, writing, and education. I’m also interested in outdoors and sports.

In my resume you will see that I have many years of experience working with thousands of people directly.

I am very skilled in assisting others, and I'm happy to do so. I have always been a people person, and I've been told by many people/employers that I am one of the happiest and most positive people they have had the pleasure to meet and get to know.

I am able to multitask as my job entails while turning on a dime when other certain situations come up suddenly.

I enjoy being around people and assisting them with anything they need.

I can confidently say I would be an asset to your business in more ways than one. I am an attentive, initiative, goal oriented person.

I would bring a very enthusiastic attitude to this job; I love thinking on my feet. I am able to be part of a team as well as work on my own.

I do not shy away from challenges; I enjoy the rush of adrenaline they bring me.

My day to day rule in my professional, as well as personal life, is the following: "I look at the hand I am dealt, and go about completing each task in the best possible way for the most positive outcome in the shortest amount of time. When I am dealt a new hand, I then proceed the exact same way."

I am constantly thinking; Figuring out new, easier, and effective ways to do things while others do the same thing repetitively.

My word of to others extends far behind most others.

I am also a huge hockey fan; I have been since I was 4 years old. As a fan, I know exactly what is expected, and needed, to make the championship game go 100% smoothly without any issues, problems, or bumps.

My mothers cousin was engaged to Rob Ray, at one point.

Besides this being my dream job, I would be an amazing fit for this job.

Please, allow me a chance to prove my abilities that I've listed, and myself farther than the extent I have said. I promise to impress you as well as making everyone else's jobs easier by excelling at this job.

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