Ashley Browning

BC Canada

Originally wanting to be a singer I went to school for my back up plan. Theater, specifically Costumes Design. Being in a smaller town once I was done school I found there were not to many oppertunities to do costumes design and I wasn't quite ready to leave home. Litterally, I was still living in my moms basment at the time and continues to do so for a few years. I dabbled around town in different jobs, one of my favourites and longest lasting was in a little boutique called The House of Indigo. I had first found this shop in high school, it is a high end consignment store that also sells custome made jewllery and beading supplies. Most recently she is also providing art supplies. A funky little shop to be sure. I had my prom jewllery made there and laster did a voulenteer position for work expirence. In my last year of colledge I found out she was hireing. I ended up working in this shop for 4 years learning beading and eventually makking jewellery for the shop to be sold. This is were I got my first taste of making and selling my own creations.

While at The house of indigo I started working and an alterations shop called Pro Stitch. I wanted to get back to sewing and make a little extra on the side. Here is were I really started to learn my craft. I had known how to sew since I was little getting my first barbie sewing machine and darning socks with my mom. The fast pased, precision sewing of alterations was a learning curve I took on with delight. I soon went full time at the alterastions shop.

After another year passed and I went down in hours at Pro stitch and started working with Elle. Elle is the owner of Pro Elvis Jumpsuits which was featured on Dragons Den. Yes I am sewing and bedazzling Elvis jumpsuits. It is a lot of fun and and I get to work from home doing it. This is what really showed me I could so this. I can make a product and sell it on line and be successfull.

So I've fallen in love with sewing and I'm preparing for the adventure of starting my own business with the support of my boyfriend, family, friends, and coworker who are really just friends now.

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