Ashley Chaffin

That's my personal philosophy in life. I love doing what I do, and I love being me. I'm a

very open-minded, passionate, enthusiastic person. I like being "different" in that

sense. I usually don't follow what other people are doing, I don't follow the crowd.

I don't dress up in the occasional "meat dress", however, but I like being odd :) Not

extremely off the wall, just odd. I absolutely love everything about graphic design.

Being able to create all sorts of digital art is amazing. The variety you can do, the

different types, sizes, shapes, etc, it's great. You don't do the same thing twice, it's

different every time. Plus I love the technology!

Music is another love in my life. I don't play any instruments, but the music I listen

to is a big deal for me and there is a connection there with those songs and those

artists that few people can really understand. It's inspirational.