Chicago IL creation is driven by intuition and tactile curiosities true to her nature, ashley relies on a kinesthetic process - each piece embracing a physical verve, emphasizing sensuality, tactility, and gesture. her inspirations derive from human energy, movement, psychology and her love of science, math & physics… one piece influencing the next, all a physical, visual and tactile process… all stemming from a place deep and complex, an artistic, emotional labyrinth. sometimes a jolting revelation or simple, intuitive direction from the materials alone. easily distracted, her sense of progression suits her creative process. her collections are like a body of evidence… elements of tangible proof… intimate portraits and narrative, all encompassing her personal opus. recognizing and accepting what truly drives her intuitive methodology has taken many, many years. today she fully embraces the process and experience. she values the moment, without explanation. Ashley creates with her hands simply by pure intuition and tactile curiosities. born to work with her hands, her vocation remains her alluring, potent & palpable passion

  • Education
    • The School of the Art Institute of Chicago