Ashley Chon

In IB Prep we have done lot of things. This class is also called STEM. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. We do activities that tie into every subject. The very first activity we did is the sail boat activity. It tied into most all of the subjects. We measured the angles and the length of the sailboat to get it to go the right direction we wanted it to go. Also, we have a 20% project that goes around the whole year. The whole point of the project is to get us more successfully into our topic. We get to get an insight about what happens to our topic daily. My topic is about the homeless people in Thailand. I learned that kids just like me get on the streets and beg the whole day just to get one simple little piece of bread to satisfy themselves. Most even go to sleep starving waiting for the next day to beg once again. On Mondays we activites. Another one was when we made a pasta bridge. We first learned about who the person was to make bridges and then we tried it for ourselves. We also do little projects on and off about technology and the history of who did it. Lastly, we recently did a project called the No Bull project. It's worldwide and it's about how people get cyberbullied. My group of seven others did a fantastic job on it. Now, we are just waiting for the results on who won! We might have the opportunity to go to Washinton D.C. for a film festival. We also went to this place called Stem Zone, that allows us to go into a broadcasting studio and learn about STEM! In this class, we do a ton of fun things. We here have the opportunity to explore the world. We have things that other schools migh not have.