Ashley Crawford

I am an achiever. This means that I set goals and then make sure that they are completed. I make sure that my goals are achieved. I will do anything to get to where I want to be. This trait was identified on StrengthQuest and I definitely agree with this personality trait. I am for sure an achiever. It impacts my academic life because I make sure that my work gets done to the best of my abilities and on time. I identify with this trait because my first priority is to get my work done and to reach my goals. I will use this strength to my advantage when I enter the workforce and it will make me marketable with employers.

I also have a lot of school spirit and pride for Ohio State. I like the traditions that the school has like the Mirror Lake jump as it is a lot of fun and a bonding experience with my fellow buckeyes. Also, Carmen Ohio is an awesome tradition. The song gives me chills whenever I sing it with my best friends because we are bonded for life through this school and this song. I have learned that the friends that I have made are my best friends and we will forever have memories from this school and a relationship from this school's traditions.

Time management is very important in college and journaling where I spend all of my time at during the week. I learned that I spend a lot of time sleeping, studying and being social. I could cut down on my time spent on my phone and the internet doing nothing important. I would like to spend a couple more hours studying. I would like to spend more time doing homework with my friends that way it feels like homework is more enjoyable. This assignment will help me to remember time management is imperative in every aspect of my life and necessary to remember that whatever is the most important needs to take up the most time in my life.