Ashley Dickson

Strength's Quest: The Strength I chose was empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand how others feel and why they feel that way. I identify with this strength because I feel it is important to understand others' feelings, especially as a future teacher. Empathy helps me be a better friend and peer.

My Ohio State Tradition: One of my favorite Ohio State traditions is physically spelling out O-H-I-O. Whether with a group or by myself, there is just something about having the ability to form the letters of my state with my arms that I really think is amazing; not every state has such a luxury. Understanding traditions will allow to discover new ones while on campus, and make my time at Ohio State even better.

Dream Job: My dream job is to be a fifth grade teacher. I have wanted to be a teacher every since kindergarten and have always wanted to make a difference in children's lives. I feel that it is important to be a positive influence in young people's lives. Knowing what my dream job is now, will allow me to prepare to follow that career path after graduation.