Ashley D.

Ashley D.

I have been in the IT field for approx 16 years during which time I also had the opportunity to work as an Owner/Manager of a Restaurant. That was an interesting experience and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, few years back when our economy took a hit, I had to let go of that opportunity because it became very difficult to stay afloat due to lack of business.

Currently I am working as an IT Consultant with a very reputable IT Consulting Company in the Bay Area, I am a full time Notary Public and a Certified Loan Signing Agent. I also do some charity work for a local charity organization in our community called "Love Care & Share" and help pastor a local church.

Few months ago a friend of mine asked me, why don't you try acting? Even though I have always been interested in acting and have performed in many Christmas & Easter dramas at our Church my first response was ... me .... acting ?? .... no way, but he convinced me to get on some of the casting sites .... and let me tell you, it has been a blast and I am loving every moment of it.

Since then, I have gone to many auditions including some in LA and had the opportunity to work in several projects including two HBO series (1) Looking (2) Silicon Valley.

I am really excited about my new carrier and I look forward to working on many other projects and hopefully make my way to Hollywood.

Please click on the link below to check out the charity website that I work with. If this is something your are passionate about, please help them out by making a donation so they can continue their work of helping those that are in need of our help.