Ashley Dara

Santa Cruz, Ca.

Dara holds a BS in Industrial Design with a minor in International Business from MSCD. Dara combines her design strategy experience and rapid ethnographic assessment to empower others through technology.

Her projects have included job development in Sovereign Nations for Natives, branding for various nonprofit organizations in Germany, pioneering a 7-10 day Social Entrepreneurial program which facilitated basic business skills, and implementation of permaculture alternatives to subsistence farming in Nepal.

Recently, she initiated an iLab in Haiti which brought 3D printers to build replacement parts for hospitals. In the Bay Area, Dara works as Human Factors Lead for Made in Space, Inc., a company developing 3D printers for use in space.

Dara’s passion is meeting new people, finding off-beat adventures and solving problems. She sees technology and design as a way to sidestep conventional solutions, empowering those that need it, and creating a lasting change for the future.

  • Work
    • 3DPforHealth
  • Education
    • BS Industrial Design