Ashley Davis

"How do you measure the worth of a man... By what he gained or by what he gave?"

My name is Ashley. Born in sunny Spain; but lived all my life in the exciting city of London.

I own multiple businesses and enjoy traveling the world, experiencing new cultures and learning as much as i can about everything.

From the business side of things i help companies make more money through online marketing (SEO & Social Media) and by increasing conversions through creative website design and development.

However my personal aim in life is simple. To help people.

I have had the privelege of enjoying 22 years (and counting) of an epic life made possible by all my awesome friends and family. I hope i can help people enjoy and live their life to the full as well.

Finally, those who know me well will know about my obessions with Penguins and randomness. And those who don't... Well now you do.