Ashley-Dawn Marshall

Hello creative minds, my name is Ashley Marshall, also known as Ashley MARS. I am the youngest of three sisters from a small college town in Texas called San Marcos, but I am currently a student at Syracuse University studying architecture. Whilst I search for experience an insight into the wonderful world or Architecture (with a capital "A") my first love will always be fashion and design

It all started when I was three years old, I would cut holes in socks for heads, arms, and legs for my Barbie dolls to have proper sweaters. Then, my mom thought it was safe enough to let this same toddler play with a needle and thread at five. My Barbies stayed fashionable, but no fabric was safe! I cut curtains, pillow cases, and my favorite: bath towels. I eventually learned to stop desecrating my mother's linens, and turned to other means of expression. In elementary school, I learned to bead and weave string, I later learned to crochet and knit in high school, and I always was sketching.

Eventually all of my dreams came true; my mother bought me a Brother sewing machine when I was 12. Modest, but the best gift I could ever receive, I thought I was going to be the next Kara Sahn on Project Runway. I sewed things mostly for myself and family. I never had enough courage to sew for money or friends, even though I was always bombarded with requests!

I began to have more confidence when the unthinkable happened; my mom and I were rendered homeless and lived with friends. My Brother was put in storage, and my sewing put on hold. Although, I had a rough time at home, I acquired an internship with a Miami based fashion designer over the summer in high school. I learned a lot about pattern making and textiles, also to make sure to turn over patterns on the bias when cutting sleeves from $30.00 per yd fabric. Overall it was a fabulous experience, and I am eternally grateful to her.

It wasn't until now, in college, did I start to sew again. My step-mother has the same Brother sewing machine, and I have started to use it every break that I am home in Fort Worth. I have been through a lot in my life and one thing has remained the same; my undying love for fashion. With adversity, I learned to stretch a dollar, and create beautiful things that surpass the expectations of high fashion. I don't call myself a crafter, because nothing I make is craft-like in nature. I want to make things that look like they were uniquely manufactured,