Ashley E. Nicholson

Nashville, TN

My first passion was fine arts, so I challenged myself to bring that same passion, drive & creative thinking into the business world. I find joy in taking an idea and turning it into reality, collaboratively cultivating it from inception to implementation. I'm a digital nerd, fascinated with all the new innovations & upcoming trends in the design, creative direction, technology, photography, social/digital media, web design, fashion, music & fine arts industries.

I strongly believe one should pursue a career they're most passionate about. I'd love getting the opportunity to work on a span of diverse projects across a multitude of industries, acquiring knowledge and using my creative abilities & mind in ways others can't! "If you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life."

I'm actively seeking full-time, part-time, paid internship position, anything to get my foot in the door. I would be a great addition as a designer, account executive or brainstorming think tank. I want to be a part of a creative, marketing, advertising, digital or media; agency and/or corporate marketing department in the Greater Nashville Area or Remote Opportunity.

Currently, I'm a Creative Maven | New Age Digital & Marketing Consultant/Owner of a company I started in March 2012. It's been said, "you're surprisingly wise for a spring chicken & have a lot of experience for someone your age." I've been on the corporate side as the marketing, creative & digital director/manager for a few large corporations. However, I'm looking for something stable & permanent.

Something I'm looking for in an organization is an atmosphere that feels like home. I seek a firm to invest in and grow with for years to come. I want to be molded, cultivated, and have the ability to achieve my fullest potential. I want to gain a mentor; creative environment; expand my knowledge and use in all of the cutting edge skills, tools, and trades of the creative, marketing and technology industry.

  • Education
    • Ohio University