Ashley Brabham

I Love PR. I was first introduced to public relations during my senior year of high school when MTV launched the reality show, PRGirls. Seeing these young women working in this field; the glamour, the celebrities, the parties-- it was like love at first sight. Not knowing what PR was I did some brief research through google, and then quickly changed my college major from psychology and enrolled as a communications major. Thus, my ventures in public relations were only beginning. After earning my bachelor's degree in public relations I learned that public relations was way more than event planning in the entertainment industry; and though my initial hopes and interest of a career in PR changed, I still have a passion for everything else that public relations stands for.

Currently I'm finishing up my last semester of graduate school earning my M.S. in Public Relations. I'm currently spending most of my time completing my graduate capstone thesis project focusing on the use of James E. Grunig's Situational Theory of Publics, which looks at segmentation in PR campaigns, and it's application on social diversity campaigns. With my extensive academic background in PR, and experience with various internships in music, entertainment, radio promotions and healthcare industries, I soon hope to be the bright young Account Coordinator/Assistant Executive planning campaigns for a PR agency in NYC.

PR I hope you're ready for me becuase I'm ready for you!!