Ashley Faith

Ashley Faith was born and raised on Long Island in New York, but her heart and soul belongs to Los Angeles. After completing her Bachelor's Degree and working for a year as an Account Manager for an Internet Advertising Network, she ventured out to Hollywood to pursue her dreams.

Ashley grew up on stage, performing at regional venues all across Long Island. She got her first gig at only 6-years-old in a local production of Annie. Her outgoing personality and love of the spotlight are the reasons Ashley feels most comfortable on the stage.

Her move to Los Angeles landed her a job as the Social Media Coordinator at one of the largest Online Rewards Communities on the web. She was adamant about bringing her love of performing wherever she goes, and managed to create, launch, and host the first web-based Talk Show for the company, which continues to grow with success.

Ashley Faith hopes to branch out as an actress, singer, and host, entertaining and inspiring more and more people along the way.