Ashley Faltisek

Houston, Tx

Each semester I planned events for the campus and my sorority. This included coming up with a pr and marketing plan for the event. The pr and marketing plan consisted of concourse and catwalk banners for the common area of campus, pr signs which could be placed various spots on campus. and a concourse table. The concourse banner would have the basic information about the event while the catwalk would have some eye catching design. The concourse table would be on the day of the event and typically we had something out, like candy, stickers, and even temporary tattoos, along with the information for the event.

One of the events that I planned for the campus had a tatoo theme to it. The ideas for the tattoo theme came from the team siting down attempting to brainstorm ideas. The team got distracted and somehow get onto the topic of things that we missed from our childhood and temporary tatoos was something that was just thrown out by someone on the team, that is when I suggested the idea for the concourse table and everything for that event snowballed from there. The event turned out to be a huge success .

  • Education
    • Southwestern University
    • University of Phoenix