Ashley Folsom

Portland, Or

I've spent many years in direct customer service.

I had a pretty well off career going at a young age as an expeditor for an electromechanical distributor, but decided to take a dive into the deep end to follow my passion. To hone in on my skillsets, I took on a couple internships. The first of which was for a not-for-profit ad agency (yes, unlike Santa- they really do exist).

In that time, I learned so much.

At Fir Advertising: I was an Acct Lead, Creative + Media Planner/Media Buyer.

I delegated tasks, develop timelines, communicate directly with clients, and create deliverables via InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I also help with media buys, digital media + design, as well as creating copy and succinct messaging.

After that- I was one of 10 chosen to be a part of the Portland Advertising Federation's Colaboratory Internship Program. During the day- I was an intern at one of two different ad agencies. At night- I was a digital strategist working with my team on a client pitch. This internship was fast paced, fun, and extremely energizing. I had mentors from 10 different ad agency's- each with a different style, and each who had some piece of knowledge that defined who I am today.

Since then- I started working for Yahoo as a Display Ad Operations Specialist on new movie and tv releases. Anything you've read about what it's like to work there is most likely true. Yes- it is as amazing as it sounds.

My goal has always been to become a well rounded individual in the advertising industry and create a name for myself... so far I think I'm on the right track ;)

My guilty pleasures include: Australian Red Licorice, playing with my puppy, and dancing my booty off!

That's me. :)

  • Work
    • Fir Advertising
  • Education
    • BS in Business Admin and Marketing (Spring 2013)
    • BS in Business Admin and Advertising Mgmt (Spring 2013)
    • Portland State University's School of Business Administration