Ashley Grisham

Taking a hold of the opportunities for success in my life has led me to being a wife, mother of two, birthing coach, award winning entrepreneur, concept manager for local entertainment, and most importantly a lover of life.

Birthing Advocate:
I am currently in training to become a Birth Bootcamp Doula and Birth Educator. My goal is to become a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) to better serve the women in my area Concept Manager: is an idea that came about one day when my husband and I were kid free. We really wanted to do something other than eat and go to the movies yet there were limited options for finding out what was happening. solves that problem by listing the events, things to do, and organization in town all in one easy to navigate location.

Cake Artist:
Making creative cakes is a huge passion of mine. I have made several birthday cakes, shower cakes, and I make my first wedding cake this year (2015).