Ashley Hinchberger

San Antonio, Texas, United States

I am Ashley. I live in San Antonio, home to the 5 time NBA champions, the Spurs. I am as senior at Tom C. Clark high school and play basketball as well. If I'm not playing basketball I'm usually spending time with my family or looking for new films to watch because I am addicted to film culture.

I love Texas but traveling this past summer has given me the urge to travel even more in my future and learn about the world around me because it was hands down one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life thus far.

As a human being of planet earth, I'm learning how to be more friendly and conscious of my home planet and all that inhabit it. I attend earth club at my school, and aim to make being earth conscious a main point of everyday life.

I volunteer with an organization called ChickTime and as I go into college I am unsure of what I would like to pursue but I know I would love to help young women and girls and I am hoping to attend a school in Georgia. I am excited to begin college and expand my interests in the world.

Go Spurs Go!

  • Education
    • Tom C. Clark High School