Ashley Huizar

Southern California

I sing because that's the only thing I really love to do. Other than singing the only thing I could do that revolves around talent is licking my elbow?? not joking. Um. I'm not sure what to really put here to be honest so bare with me. I'm in love with bands and I plan on forming one soon..I'm just not exactly sure of everything I want. It's a difficult thing. Er, I love tea, apple juice, Sushi, Pizza and every single food you could imagine. Jk I hate onions and tomatoes. Yuck. I love rollarcoasters. And Disneyland. Disneyland is my other home. So now you could tell that I live in Southern California, right? Yup...It's alright here. I just hate the people around me. I literally only have two friends, so. Whatever. I like to travel. The places I've been are only Mexico, Miami, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, there's more but I can't think. Please hit me with a shoe. Er, what else? I'll add more to this soon, okay? Byebye<3

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