Ashley Ince

Photographer, freelancer, and traveler in Rochester, New York

I currently graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor's degree in Communication with a specialization in marketing. For the past four years I have focused my studies on integrated media, strategic communications, and marketing while being a member in the sorority Chi Omega and business fraternity Phi Chi Theta. I am currently pursuing a full-time career in the communications and public relations field, and am doing freelance work as of right now.

My experiences at Ohio University have led to amazing abroad opportunities to learn more about international communication methods, and trends. At the Florence University of The Arts Communications school in Italy I was able to work with a team to design, publish, and launch a book for a school client. Florence was by far my favorite city in Italy, and I hope to someday return! I was also accepted into the Global Consulting Internship Program in Thessaloniki, Greece to research and consult for local businesses with a group of Ohio and international students. Both of these experiences, and the organizations I am a part of at school have given me the chance to put my skills to the test, and learn from a diverse group of individuals from across the globe.

My most recent internship was at Discovery Communications this past summer in New York City in the public relations department. I can only hope to continue learning and gain more experience as I more forward!