Ashley Jarocki


Hi there, Ashley here. Call me Ash or AJ. I am a very positive, happy person, & I absolutely love spending time with my family & friends! I love good healthy food! I love to laugh, in fact I think I may have the loudest hearty laugh ever, & I tell the corniest jokes! I was captain of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders and previously a captain when I cheered for NHL and AFL Tampa Bay teams. I love to travel & learn about other cultures which is why one of my bigger goals is to become an Ambassador for the US.

So how did I become an HR Recruitment Guru you ask? I began my HR path while still attending college. I found my first job via an ad in the local paper! Imagine that, the paper, when turnaround time for deciding you need more employees to creating job description and an ad and then placing the ad and waiting for it to publish. Crazy long turnaround time when you think of how we advertise today! Anyways I digress. I started in HR at a worldwide medical software company; I quickly grew as the Human Resource Professional specializing in the recruitment in a diverse range including Genetics, Executive, Information Technology, Business Analysts, PMP, Marketing, Training professionals and much more. Then after a couple of years I found myself fully submerged in coaching, consulting, and helping the company expand and build additional companies and their teams to new heights. As the trust of the executives and the employees grew, I quickly developed into other HR fields working with employee relations, compensation and strategic recruitment. I then had the opportunity to work for a company who outsourced recruitment (RPO). I worked in the capacity of brand recognition and focusing on recruitment nationally.

I currently have the honor of working with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) company, CoAdvantage, as the Director of Talent Acquisition. I direct and guide the overall provision of recruitment services, policies, and programs for the entire company. I also have the privilege of serving on the leadership team. Of course in my spare time (what’s that? Does anyone have that anymore? ) I lead, manage and participate in volunteer services and charity organizations within the Tampa Bay area working hand in hand with the Public Relations and Marketing to grow charity awareness.

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