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Ashley Collins

Student and Writer in Costa Mesa, California

I am a student and writer currently living in Costa Mesa, California. During high school, I was not only a great journalist but had experience as an awarded volleyball player. I served as the Editor-in-Chief in journalism where I was challenged with the grand responsibility of leading my peers to writing outstanding material. Within journalism I have published 7 consecutive newspapers in the last year and have the been the first writer to write consecutive fiction story within the newspaper.

I have always had a heart for mentoring young girls and have operated a few successful projects such as “Big Sister, Little Sister” in my high school volleyball program where senior players mentor the freshmen. I have also recently been a mentor in a program called "Brave Hearts" at Newport Mesa Church. I currently work as a a nursery aid at Grace Fellowship Church.

I am currently studying English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing and a consultant at Vanguard University's Writing Center.

  • Education
    • Vanguard University of Southern California