Ashley Levy

Corporate Recruiter in Orange Park, Florida

I am a number of things. Most notably, I am a people person. I love being in the business of people. I know what you’re probably thinking...just another recruiter. In fairness, your assumption isn’t totally wrong. It’s up to me to show I’m different. That's me, Humble enough to know I am not better than anyone, but wise enough to know I am different!

I fell completely backwards into the talent acquisition realm a few years ago and never looked back. Although I collect a pay check, the way I see it, I don’t really have a “job.” If you feel that I can provide you with value, I encourage you to connect with me, follow me, add me to your circles etc.

I am a Sophisticated, motivated, and professional individual. Offering a combination of sales, staffing, business, and technology expertise. In addition to diverse industry knowledge. Proficient in the use of technology to enhance business performance. Constantly excelling in creative thinking and problem solving as well as displaying a strong power of observation.

I can not wait to meet you!