Ashley Phillips

MA Student in London, United Kingdom

For my writing and PR samples, please visit the wordpress link below or follow this link:

Travel, food, beauty, lifestyle, events and making a difference are all things I find passion in.

At 18, I became a manager for my own marketing office.

At 21, I traveled to over 20 countries on my own.

and at 23, have 5 university degrees, moved to London from NY and am seeking my next step in the PR world...

From building the 1st college for girls in rural Afghanistan to promoting up and coming beauty trends - I use my work in Public Relations to promote the things I love.

My skills vary from my ability to develop close clientele relationships, to having a keen eye for event details, to my editorial abilities.

Receiving my MA in advertising and PR, I have been able to combine these passions while utilizing my understandings from my undergraduate degrees in journalism, psychology and international studies.

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  • Education
    • Richmond, The American International University in London
    • Pennsylvania State University, University Park