Ashley Marie Duarte

School: I attended to Bronx Leadership Academy Class of 2010. I took Photography class which was my ultimate favorite because it was the class i needed to actually be more passionated about Photography. I also use to be part of the girl Volley-Ball team ( Ladies Wolves ) it was a very nice time. I was part of the Arts and Craft club which was very interesting and fun. My High School days were very fun and memorable.

Community Service: I use to do community service at Sant Barnabas Hospital (Nursing Home Arts and craft Area ) for over 7 months, I still keep with me their ID is like a memory. I use to love doing volunteer work there because i use to always be with the elders and to me they were so kind and sweet. I use to help them paint or play bingo with them or even go out with them on trips to the movies. I didn't need any pay check i just did it for the pleasure of helping. In the Nursery home was were i learned to knitting and until this day i enjoy doing it. I also used to tutor a Little Girl which my help was very helpful for her and i loved it. I would also from time to time translate many papers for people who need it.

Job-Related: I have only had two different jobs and thats because i have learned how to keep my jobs. My first job was over at 44 street downtown at a Political Campaign, I used to Work for a lady named Leslie Crocker Snyder, Unfortunately she lost the campaign and my job came to an end after 8 months of work. At this job i develop fast skills to communicate and fast computer typing also since that was my job. I also became very comfortable speaking to people and helping with their concern over the phone. My Second job was a Cashier at Mcdonals there i worked for 1 year and couple of months but i quite it because school comes first to me and is one of my main priorities. I am actually more than welcome to go back if ever consider it my boss said by i rather keep that to a side to fully concentrate in school. As a cashier i learned to deal with money better and because of that i was nominated Employee of the months 3 months in a row. I also develop a little more math skills and much more customer service.

Other Interests: Well here i can really speak about me. I am 21 years