Ashley McLeod

Boca Raton, Florida 33431

Although life can often play the cruelest tricks on people, Ms. Ashley Sian McLeod has always embraced life with all the innocence and practicality that her sensible mind can offer. Losing her 13-year-old sister in 1998 when she herself was just 18, Ashley McLeod feels closer than ever to her late sibling. Thus, she lives her life to the fullest, laughing off the challenges and making the best out of every situation. This is but a quality that highlights her being a Capricorn and that adds to her inner charm. Ashley’s spontaneity helps others see the beauty of living at even the most unexpected parts. Having lost her sister has inspired Ashley to live her life the way her sister would want to be living her own. She also wants to be remembered in much the same way as her sister has been remembered: as a vibrant, fun loving person who gave so much happiness to others around her. Tylee’s most precious gift to the world of the living has been a new lease on life for those who are recipients of her organ donations. Ashley will forever be thankful that as Tylee’s sister, part of her is also in those organ recipients.

In her own way too, Ashley Sian McLeod strives to live the legacy that her sister bequeathed to the world, and to ultimately leave her own. As a professional, Ms. McLeod strives to consistently deliver her best at her Office Administrator post at Control Systems Copitrak. By capably coordinating, collaborating and interacting with key personnel and clients at the office, Ashley McLeod has been able to make things go smoothly and less complicated for those she works with. Her efficient performance of her duties and her passion to be an effective conduit of service delivery has enabled Ashley’s team mates to work well together as one group with a common goal. Understandably, Ashley keeps a hectic pace at work but still manages to assist others as needed and facilitate the company’s delivery of service to their multi-industry client base. Because she enjoys her job, Ashley has been able to work in a most proficient manner as a professional, and has remained committed to excellence and hard work. She knows her job and what needs to be done in order to meet company goals. She is an effective team player and has contributed much to the day-to-day success of the whole company.

When she’s not juggling multiple tasks at the office, Ashley Sian McLeod chooses to spend her precious free time with her family, her friends and her fiancé.

  • Work
    • Control Systems Copitrak - Office Administrator
  • Education
    • Florida Atlantic University - BA in Psyhoclogy Minor in Business