ashley meah

Hi my name is Ashley Meah i am 16 and i am from London, UK. I like computers and technology and a bit of science. I like conspiracy's and documentary's and have an open but smart mind. I have a pet dog, a staff called tyson.

I have been intrested in computers for as long as i can remember, Up till the age of 11 i was clueless about computers and though sites where made on websites such as piczo and freewebs not being so wanting to know how it works i never asked the question of how them sites came to exist.

Im now a programmer, I do lack some work expierence being still in education but i am as comfortable as any next programmer who has been in the industry for years. I am very keen on web development in all of the general development languages such as the basics HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as server-side languages such as PHP and

For application development i use Microsofts .NET framework however im trying to move more onto languages such as C++ to scrap the need of the .Net framework and to make my programs more efficient. I have learnt some basics of c++ but i am no where near the level i am confortable with. I recently learnt some basic Java but im around the same level as i am with c++.