Ashley Mohn

Student, Teacher, and Social Worker in Shakopee, Minnesota

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When people hear my name, I want the word love to come to mind. I am on a continual journey striving to show love by giving, listening, and empathizing.

All my life, I have been told "I feel I could share anything with you" or "I have never told anyone this, and I barely know you, but I feel comfortable sharing this with you..."

After I experienced hate, bullying, Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, and threats from people who 'loved me,' I would think, "Why me? Why would someone who can't tell a fib without feeling horrible about it be hurt continuously"...My answer came to me when I started discovering the world for myself, and I began to unwrap my gifts of listening and empathizing with multitudes of people and their situations.

Things have fallen into place where I can live out my purpose, as a listener, to obtain my Masters in Social Work. I am ecstatic to have the privilege and ability to do what comes natural and what I love for a profession.

Now this is where my story begins...

  • Education
    • Augsburg College
    • Minnesota State University Moorhead