Ashley Newman

Wisconsin, United States

15. I live in Wisconsin, sadly. Someone come kidnap me and take me to the ocean, yeah? (; I like cutesy things. I like all different types of music. I don't have many talents, not that try all that hard to get any. I'm good at video games, but that's not all that special. Ha. (Yo, add me if you play PS3. psn- SnowGirr) I don't have many friends in real life. I do on the internet though, does that count? Lol. I try my hardest to stay happy because it's one of the few things that matters to me but it's easier said then done. I'm constantly worrying or upset about something and I have terrible social anxiety so I can't talk to many people with out like freaking out later. Let's just say I'm a tad shy, just a little. I guess that's it for now. Have a wonderful day. :3