Ashley Newton

Writer, Web Developer, and Teacher in Coventry, United Kingdom

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I am a Technical Author, Web Developer, and foreign language expert with experience in copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, and social media marketing. An emerging talent in tech, I thrive on learning new skills and bridging gaps between different specializations.

My most recent projects involve writing user guides and knowledge base articles for complex software, combining technical knowledge with effective communication, both in written content and visual presentation.

I am Yotta's in-house Technical Author and I also write for a diverse range of small businesses and organizations on a freelance basis.

I am a longtime foreign language expert, who loves learning new skills and instructing others. I first taught English as a Second Language to adults at a community center in my hometown, Salt Lake City. Then I moved on to teach English to youth at Lycée Beaussier in Toulon, France. I have since taught elementary school students in Granite School District's French immersion program, and most recently instructed Italian adults through e-learning courses with Moxon English. I've found that my passion for discovering new cultures and languages extends to my work as a writer, as I'm fascinated by experimenting with new software and helping others learn how to use it.

I have helped multiple Italian small business launch English websites through translation, editing, and copywriting. I have experience providing customer service in Italian, French, and Spanish. I'm driven by creativity and collaboration, and am driven to help small businesses succeed.