Ashley O'Neal

I'm an 18 year old Freshman at Washington College currently studying both how to run a business (Business Management) and then how to defend my business (Pre-Law).

I come from Springfield, Missouri and if anything has overtaken my life, it is my love for the St. Louis Cardinals.

For seven consecutive years, I have been involved with Relay for Life to help fund cancer research for patients.

For five years, I have been involved in politics, working for Senator Jim Talent (MO), Roy Blunt (MO), Jack Goodman (MO) and also my grandfather, Mayor Jim O'Neal. (R-12 MO)

For over two years now, I have held a management position at NPC International, a customer service organization. Here I have worked with customers and co-workers to make a positive environment out of a not-always-so-positive situation. This job has consisted of working with customers who are sometimes angry and even more, sometimes irate, encouraging me to problem solve in the most effective manner.

For the past year, I have been involved in working with the Geographic Information Systems Laboratory at Washington College constructing 3-D representations of homes, maps indicating crime analysis and consecutive work with Google Earth.

Other talents include: rapid organizing, debate/public speaking, punctuality, a basic understanding of German, Spanish and Latin, typing and efficiency.

I am always willing to learn and try new experiences!