Ashley Outrageous

Miami, Fl

Ashley Outrageous is a hip-hop aficionado and culture mover. The young media maven and mogul who calls South Florida her home, was named one of The Source Magazine’s Digital Power 30 and has become an innovator and tastemaker within the hip-hop community and entertainment industry. In a male dominated climate, Ashley has created her own lane through her website, where she doesn’t just chat about her music knowledge – she backs it up. In addition to the latest news and exclusive interviews with some of today’s most progressive artists, Ashley has also turned the website into a platform to curate an array successful live events in South Florida featuring artists that range from superstars like Curren$y and Big Sean, to promising up and comers. The following and influential reach Ashley’s building has been noticed by iconic companies such as: Heineken, who selected her for their 2012 “Open Your World” Campaign, creative agency Team Epiphany who have tapped Ashley to work with their long list of clients to help enhance the live experience at many of their events, and Live Nation who drew upon her skills to coordinate a pre-show mixer for one of Kendrick Lamar’s Miami tour stops. She has also lent her efforts to music festivals like SXSW, A3C and CMJ. Her knack for determining what’s “next” in hip-hop has helped to make her a prominent figure within the hip-hop culture today. Ashley’s future is promising as she plans on bringing some true flavor and authenticity back to the culture.