Ashley Paramore

Oakland, California

Ashley lives on the internet and takes part in all kinds of sciencey, nerdy, and silly endeavors. Current projects include her weekly YouTube vlog healthyaddict, Online Ethicist podcast, and Who's the Boss podcast.

She is also a long-time national skeptical atheist activist, having run several grassroots groups and conferences, as well as serving in the past as staff and Board of Directors of the Secular Student Alliance, and currently the Advisory Board of the Stanford Humanist Connection. She also serves as a speaker and ambassador to religious colleges, churches, and conferences.

When not tweeting, vlogging, or live streaming you can find her rock climbing, running, biking, cooking, playing Dance Dance Revolution, video games, or with Doctor Bird.

Looking to book as a speaker, panelist, or for an interview? Use the e-mail link above, or if an SSA Affiliate apply here.

  • Education
    • The Ohio State University