Ashley Randall

I'm a transplant from Quad Cities, Iowa, to Phoenix. After graduating with an Anthropology major and Design Studies minor (including a full year of intensive studio classes) from Iowa State University, I moved to Arizona to start my career in the visual arts. I've had a productive few years here, quickly climbing from security guard at an art museum to graphic design and marketing lead in my current position. I've always loved creating things, ever since the very beginning, at the kitchen table with my mother. I try to always have SOME kind of project going, whether it's jewelry-making, funky fashion design, drawing or painting, or choreographing a dance routine for performance with my husband, Bruce. Currently, I'm working on a little of all of these things, in my spare time. I have worked as a formal graphic designer for about four years, including a wide variety of styles, functions, and clients. I keep a busy schedule with freelance clients in addition to my regular position within my company, but I'm always interested in designing for your logo, business card, presentation materials, or much more.