Ashley Ray-Harris

Williamstown, MA

I have a true passion for the television industry. As a student, program manager, and office assistant, I have developed the organizational and clerical skills to run an office efficiently. My individual creativity and motivation makes me a unique choice.

I worked as a Program Management Intern for Digitas in 2011. In this highly selective program, I worked with clients like Bank of America, Walgreens, Proctor and Gamble, and Google. Academically, my record speaks to my achievements. I received a 4.0 GPA during the Fall 2012 semester and I’ve continually made Dean’s List. Such achievements are a mark of the drive and passion I put towards all of my work.

In 2011, I was selected to study at the University of Hamburg in Germany with Smith College. During this time, all of my courses were in German and I took a secretarial job translating German media into English and studied East German film. At the end of the program, I received a 3.64 GPA and made Dean’s List for the entire academic year. The following summer I was chosen to lead an independent research project through Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands on the films of Ingmar Bergman. This project culminated in a 10-page essay I wrote for publication. Currently, I’m leading two independent studies this semester. One explores the history and development of black television and in the other I’m writing and developing a 6-episode series.

I undertook these projects because I have an incredible interest in film and television. I know that this passion, coupled with my administrative and clerical skills, makes me a perfect candidate.

  • Work
    • Office Assistant at Williams College
  • Education
    • Williams College