ashley scribner

Cincinnati, OH

Coming from a family of artists, Ashley was inspired by a young age to create by her mother, aunts, and grandma. Spending hours perfecting Garfield, friendship bracelets, and creating books there was no doubt that Ashley wanted to pursue a career in Art.

At Xavier University Ashley majored in Fine Arts and minored in Professional education. Although concentrating in fiber arts, Ashley dabbled in all mediums. During the summer of her Sophomore year at X, she was also fortunate enough to be able to study in Rome, Italy.

After college Ashley taught her passion in the Milford School system for 5 years all the while concentrating on her personal career in art. During this time she also created art summer camps for children.

In 2007 Ashley and her husband Curtis packed their bags and headed to the center of the art world, NYC. Ashley dove head first into the creative energy that ensues New York. Working at an Art Studio for kids, participating in group shows, as well as solo exhibitions Ashley constantly was seeking new art adventures.

In 2010 opportunities brought Ashley, Curtis and Scully back to Cincinnati where Ashley will continue to create with the experiences and energy of New York.

Ashley and Curtis recently welcomed a baby boy, Augustus Xavier, into their family. Auggie has been spotted with blue paint on his legs and ink on his mobile as his mom squeezes in some work while he naps!