Ashley Söderberg

Student in Sverige

Hi there! I’m Ashley, born in the USA, raised in El Salvador and currently living in Sweden. I consider myself very extroverted. I am the kind of girl you will see walking on the street dancing and laughing at the silliest things. I have experienced many complex situations in life that have shaped me into what I today am. I am very open minded, therefore I love making new friendships, learning new things and cultures. I speak Spanish, English, Swedish and some German. I love sports (especially soccer), to dance, travel, volunteer and my eternal love, MUSIC. I know how to sing, play the box, and a little bit of piano and guitar. My life motto is “Wear love everywhere you go.” which is a Bible verse too. My goal in life, besides having a successful one, is to bring love and happiness to as many people as possible.

Make your heart the prettiest thing about you.

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