Ashley Spurlin

I am a 21-year-old obsessed with photography and constantly modding my Android devices. I work in the IT Department of a little insurance company you may have heard of; here's a hint: we like ducks. When I'm not lugging around one of my Nikon D/SLRs, I'm sitting at a computer. An admitted Google fan girl, I am a geek at heart. I have an overwhelming love of handwriting and calligraphy - and I often change my own handwriting to reflect the week's most recent love. I love animals and live in a six-dog, one-cat household (only one is actually mine, a Great Dane named Sadie). I like breakfast for dinner, and trying desperately to win at Scrabble. Snuggling is awesome, and despite being twenty-something, I still cuddle with a giant stuffed tiger named Frank.