Ashley Steele

Ashley Steele

"Who am I, and what am I here for?" is a question asked by many. Singer/Songwriter Ashley Steele has tackled this question throughout her life, and used music as a way to find an answer.

Starting at an early age, Ashley sang in churches around her area, and grew into more public events, along with performing the National Anthem. Music has always been a huge part of Ashley's life, but it wasn't until she saw the reaction that her songs had on people that she felt called to go into full-time music ministry.

She says, "My heart's main desire is that God uses my life in some way to touch the lives of many, and the life experiences I've had to help people feel like there is hope".

Ashley's writing influences come from the situations and happenings around her. Her EP deals with issues from helplessness to divorce to a first love, but all have an outcome that God is bigger and will take care of you.

"If nothing else", she says, "I hope people will see God's love, and learn more about why we are here...that is something worth writing about".