Ashley Stout

Hello all!

I always seem to struggle with the about me sections of any forum. I suppose it's just because different types of people want to know different things about you.

I like to believe that I am a unique individual. I am the fifth of six kids in my family and the first one born in the beautiful state of California. I am also the first in my family to go to college which is a big and terrifying step. I really take pride in my family history my mom is Indo-Dutch which means her family during a huge war in Indonesia with Japan all moved to Holland. Many people are quite surprised by this because I am incredibly pale, but its true!

I really live for the simple things. I believe that if simple things can't make you happy that you are making life to complicated. That doesn't mean I dont have big dreams, it just means every once in a while when struggling through life I like to stop to smell the roses it calms me down.

I did used to be that way though. I used to live a fast paced life. Always involved in sports, clubs, work, school, family, friends, and relationships. However when I was 16 it all caught up with me. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune deficiency. I already was prone to anxiety attacks, and found out that when ever I stress out, that what ever is left of my immune system lowers even more. I developed Rheumatiod Arthritis because of this. After being diagnosed my life took some pretty sour turns, I was put on to chemotherapy medication that made me terribly sick, after hoping between various medications we found some that finally worked. YAY! But that didnt mean I was home bound, the medication lowers my immune system even further however, my body isnt in constant pain and my joints dont lock up. I've spent atleast 5 weeks in the hospital in the last couple years and go in every two months for a blood check. But I know I could be doing much much worse.

Although I think I've been dealt some unfair karma in my life, I am still grateful. I am so grateful to have the strong personality and support that I have, because I know that there are people out there who could not live the life I lead.

So I suppose if I really had to summarize myself in just a short piece and not a complete novel. Then I would say I try to live passionately. I know life is cruel and unfair first hand. But I also know that it is beautiful and loving.

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