Ashley Sumner


I see the world in words. Online or on pages. I love stories in all forms.

I was full-body clinging half-way up the face of a cliff when I realized that "can't" is a miserable word.

My journey is happy. The path I walk in my adventure shoes doesn't matter, but the person I am while I'm walking does. In those shoes I don't fail; I explore. I examine. I listen because I cannot yell.

I believe in words. I am a member of, I listen to Grammar Girl podcasts, and I receive books about words most Christmases.

Chocolate isn't my first choice, and I never met a fruit I didn't like. I eat slowly, and I love food. When you come to my house, you eat.

Some have called me an old soul, but I think most clearly when I am my three-year-old self. Kids think I'm fun.

I love crying, but I don't get to very often. I also like hiccups but only when they belong to someone else.

There is a story in everything.

  • Work
    • Leadgenix
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    • Brigham Young University