Ashley Thekiso

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Ashley Thekiso

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Ash is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Columnist with a particular set of expertise and passion in Personal Brand Development.

There is a story behind every great brand and behind that story is where you find the human element to personal branding which is mostly the root cause of problems in the external element of branding that society sees.

Having been involved in business, public speaking and creative writing since high school Ashley Thekiso is no stranger to the growing field of Human Capital Development. From what started out as a way to encourage his peers to do more and be better by means of mastering the personal brand is now a way of life for young Ashley Thekiso.

· Co-Founded the Young-Forever Movement [Youth Empowerment Group]

· Founded Eashes Events PTY LTD

· Founded the Networking Tennis Day

· Authored ‘Catch a Fish or Drown Trying’ in High School

· Marketing Consultant at SiteMasters SA

· Columnist at Micampus Magazine and Leadership2020

Independent Brand Consultant

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