Ashley Thomas

Life moves fast. At one moment, you are sitting at home with your family, waiting for the moment you can get up and leave, and the next, you're sitting in a dorm room at the University of Georgia, wondering where all the time has gone. Coming from North Carolina, this new world that is Athens, Georgia is so bizarre to me. I wish I could find the words that describe my levels of excitement, apprehensiveness, sometimes boredom, and most of the time, sheer fear of my future. But, as often as I think about all of those things, I also think about how my family has my back, and will always be there for me, just in case things get out of control.

I will likely always be a homebody, being more comfortable sitting with my family at dinner than I will ever be in a room full of friends I've known for a few years. My family has moved six times since I was born, so one thing I always seem to look for in my life are constants. Something or someone that has been there for me throughout my life, and unfortunately if you move around, you don't get to have those constants, other than the people that you move with: your family.

Something that I'm not good at is talking about myself. I don't enjoy writing biographies. However, I think after three weeks of trying to finish this biography, I will finally do it, because I know it's necessary. But, to say a few more things? I love my family, I have the best of friends, I don't like raw fish, I enjoy waterskiing, I am a Georgia bulldog, I'm bad at keeping up with people, I am an Alpha Chi Omega sorority sister, I'm a biological sister too, I have had Bells Palsy, I have been through quite a bit. But that is what makes me who I am.