Britax B Ready Baby Stroller

Otherwise though it is safe and very comfy for our child andin the end that is most important.

Love the seat for our baby to sit in ... much better thanour previous stroller. Love the wheels ... I have even gone running with thisstroller and it's great!

The city select does allow for stadium seating which is moreappealing with 2 bigger kids but I liked the look of this one more as a singlestroller. Love the stroller!!

This stroller is great! The cup-holder on the side alwayspops off when I try to put the stroller back in the car, but it just snaps backon no problem.

Yes, this stroller is wide and heavy but what do you expectfor supporting two kids. I have tried multiple strollers and the difference isnight and day. We just had a vomit incident in the stroller and I was able toeasily take it apart to wash.

Britax b ready baby strolleris the best stroller, easy to use, baby is very comfortable. When you are usingit, my favorite thing is that you can face your baby. Definitely I recommendfor every parent this stroller.

At first I was a bit unhappy with my new Britax B-ReadyStroller because it came with a defect on one of its wheels, but I must saythat after contacting the company and letting them know about it, they repliedby sending me a whole new set of wheels. We live in Europe and at times itshard to fit the stroller through some of our narrow sidewalks and at times itdoesn't fit through some doors, but even so, it is by far a great stroller. Iwould just recommend changing the foam on the front protector bar (don't knowthe technical name), my daughter leans forward and bites on it ... and itripped because it got caught on one of the side screws ... Thank you Britax !!

This stroller is high and very sturdy quality.

We love our B Ready! It was great with our Chaperone, andnow our daughter loves the "big girl" seat.

My friend recommended this stroller and after doing somehomework we ordered it with my wife. I love the fact that I can use thisstroller for my infant son right now but also know that as he gets older I amable to us this item till literally he wont need a stroller any more.

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